The most popular customizable iPad magazine, Flipboard has officially entered China today. We learnt of these plans back in October when Sina Weibo announced its partnership with Flipboard on the English version of Weibo. Now that Flipboard is entering China, the Chinese version of Weibo will of course be integrated into it.

Flipboard announced the news on their official site:

“Starting today, Chinese readers get their very own edition of Flipboard. It’s the first international edition of Flipboard to launch, and it’s in collaboration with Sina, China’s largest Web portal and owner of Sina Weibo (新浪微博), and Renren (人人网), one of China’s most popular social networks.”

The Chinese version is of course in Chinese language and has paid close attention to serving readers with popular and relevant digital sources which have been carefully curated. We know that the San Francisco based company has been working closely with curators on the ground in China, to find the best and most relevant content. Like the English version, categories of content include technology, business, fashion, design etc. TechNode is of course under the tech section!

Originally Flipboard was blocked in China, which gave Chinese clones a good runway to take market share. Now the challenge for Flipboard will be to play catch up with existing players such as Zaker and MagSina. How they persuade users they need another iPad magazine or even replace them, is the question.  The key will be to have high quality content that looks great and gives a great interactive experience. Moreover, they will need to stay onside with the government and stay sensitive in regards to censorship.  However it must have already agreed to some terms if they managed to get back into China. Now I wonder when Pulse will make their journey here.

Flipboard’s Chinese edition is free and only available in the iTunes China App Store.

Jason is an Australian born Chinese living in Beijing, specializing in entrepreneurship, start-ups and the investment eco-system in China, especially in the tech and social area.