So Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is here, and it seems that he is not coming on his own. The great accompany he got, and his name is Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook! Early today, Mark was spotted in Shanghai together with his girlfriend.

Local media reported that Mark and his girlfriend have visited several shopping districts, including the famous Tizifang and the Apple store at Nanjing road. From the pictures uploaded by the witness, Mark’s having a good time in Shanghai’s sunshine today and looks quite curious about everything Chinese.

This is really interesting. Two great guys, representing two hottest tech companies of the world. Both visit China at the same time. One in Beijing, the other in Shanghai; One for business, the other is for vacation; One is the first time in China, the other is at his second trip and even understands a bit of Chinese; One is growing its business amazingly fast in China, the other has almost conquered the entire cyber world but is still not available in China. But I bet there is only one keyword in their mind right now, which is: China, China!

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