Innovation Camp (iCamp), the new Internet startup accelerator and incubator opens in Shanghai. Located at the KIC high-tech and Innovation Park in Shanghai YangPu district, iCamp will focus on the internet and mobile application and provide systematic startup coaching and incubation to the SoLoMo application projects. In addition, iCamp also provides $2m seed funding named China Startup Republic (CSR) Fund .

iCamp is founded by 4 very experienced entrepreneurs with mix of local and international background. Jun Li, member of Band of Angels Silicon Valley, has invested and incubated 10+ early stage companies in US, Japan and China; Andy Wang, MBA from Harvard Business School, is the co-founder and managing director of eBaoTech, a leading insurance software company; Michael Feng is the co-founder of 51job which’s listed on NASDAQ; Yong Wang is the CEO of DeNA China (DeNA is the leading mobile social network in Japan).

We were invited to its opening party and talked to its founding member, Jun Li.

Jun Li speaking at the opening party of iCamp

Quite Silicon Valley style, is the impression we got about iCamp. It’s not just about angel investment, it’s more about mentorship. As Jun introduced, iCamp now has >30 international coaches and advisers who come from different background and help on the growth of startups incubated in iCamp. Furthermore, iCamp is also building a close relationship with silicon valley ecosystem. “Dave McClure is also one of our advisors and come to coach our startups.” Jun said, “His famous incubator 500Startups is iCamp’s partner, and we are planning to bring our startups to their place to experience the spirit of silicon valley.” 150 startups to be incubated within 4 years, Jun has set up the goal for iCamp.

Two startups have joined iCamp, 4jia1 is a mobile social network with focus on users’ health & fitness, and Moboq (our coverage in Chinese), is a location-based mobile Q&A application.

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