Garage Cafe, the Chinese cafe aiming at providing open office space for startups we first wrote about in last July just celebrated its first birthday on the night of April 7 with over hundred people – most of whom are currently shaping China’s Interet – crowed in its cozy milieu.

The cafe which situated in Zhongguancun has been gaining more and more traction among entrepreneurs as well as venture capitalists since its inception. Su Di, the 32-year-old founder of Garage Cafe once told me last year that there’re more than 12 deals were forged in this place.

Being the first one of its kind in China, Garage Cafe served as an indicative of the stepping up of China’s startup world and entrepreneurship that spread like wildfire. And in move to foster the entrepreneur mindset as well to lower the barriers of starting a company, the local government in last year promised to help startups “renting” work space in Garage in many areas like faster company registration progress, legal service and so on, signaling the coffee house stand to player a greater role in bolstering China’s startup ecosystem.

Su also announced a web product to bring more attention to new startup projects, you can access it here.

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