So Google Drive just went live, here in China it’s 1:10am and the news even has not spread into Chinese media, the site has been blocked in China. That’s what we call China Speed.

Cloud service is a hot topic in China web, but apparently some people does not like the foreign service. As you may know, Dropbox is also not available here. Well, you may see the good side: Chinese local service may have more chance…

Read a comment from weibo, If a product is blocked in China, basically it implies that product should be a Good one…

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  1. emmm I´m in China and I can acces to it…and without any VPN…I wonder if this is one more episode of: “we have never been in China, but how bad the government and the country is”

  2. This measure is not aimed at providing more chances to local service. It is to prevent the rumors made by anti-china groups from spreading in the country.

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