Over the course of the last ten years, we’ve seen that CDs are dying, or, already dead. Yet, digitized music hasn’t delivered on its expectation to reign the realm in China.

Even from hindsight it’s hard to argue whether iTunes Store is the best or worst thing ever happened to modern recording industry, but one thing for sure is, with the proliferation of personal computer, smartphones, MP3 players and high-speed connection, music business is now undergoing a disruptive transformation in a way that no one could have envisioned beforehand. During which, there’re challenges, risks, and also chances.


This Friday@Wudaokou, Let’s Talk About Digital Music.


Event Logistics (CN Version)


The Future of Digital Music

  1. Could Smartphones Save China Music Industry
  2. Is Social Music a Decent Direction?
  3. Music Recommendation System


VP of Kugou Music

Zhang Xinhua, SVP of RockMobile

Liang Kanni, GM of Digital Entertainment at Baidu

Yang Jionghan, Music Producer at Bravo Music Studio

…more to be confirmed



Date and Time

April 27(Friday), 2012  19:30 – 21:30


Beijing Office, Shanda Innovation Institute

Fl.18, West Tower, Building D, Tsinghua TongFang Technology Plaza

No.1 Wangzhuang Road, Haidian, Beijing

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