Once you built your brand and reached certain good amount of users, the next to-do might be to launch an open platform to integrate various services from third-parties. If you can manage this open platform well and make it the no.1 choice for third parties, you will see a brilliant future ahead. That’s what Facebook taught us.  And Tencent’s Weixin, is following what Facebook has done in the mobile space.

We reported that Weixin’s to launch its open API. About 1 hour ago, the official site for Weixin’s open platform has been launched. The introduction, the documentation and the SDK (for iOS) are all available on the site. With current API, content from third-party services can be shared to users’ Weixin contacts and Weixin Circle (group). So Tencent wants Weixin to be the No.1 distribution channel for any content on the mobile.

I might be wrong, but my understanding of the ultimate goal for Weixin on the open platform is that any third party can integrate their service into Weixin (like Plugins), i.e. Weixin’s users can play with various third-party service without leaving Weixin. Think about you playing FarmVille on Facebook. I don’t see that feature, yet, but no doubt Weixin is growing fast with a hugh ambition.

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