Last August I wrote about an innovative Chinese start-up called Wokaishi that has a noble vision to make is aiming to make fitness available to everyone, anywhere and anytime. Back then the start-up focused on being the go-to source of information about health and fitness in China. The site was filled with hundreds of workout videos and health related articles, that are aimed to give people a simple but easy to follow ‘how to’ guide, for example how to use gym equipment or do yoga.

After some time, Wokaishi realized that a website full of just information was not enough to motivate people to get active. Therefore the start-up pivoted to a gamified approach to encourage and motivate people.

Wokaishi’s new beta version went live June 1, 2012. It is an interactive online workout game that allows users to access some of the best workout videos on the web. Having grown from a health and fitness education site, Wokaishi is now aimed at making exercise and health accessible to everyone, with or without a gym membership. The online platform is accessible for users work, home and even on their smartphones (app coming soon). Users can login using their Sina Weibo accounts and can easily share their favorite workout videos and post-sweat excitement to their social networks. The site is laid out in a Missions format whereby users follow along with a video and complete a mission, each mission they complete gives them points which allows them to unlock various prizes. There will be new upgrades coming up such as a Wokaishi interactive social network, virtual trainers and classes and sports events throughout China.

Wokaishi is partnering with leaders in the health and fitness industry to bring users the best workout experience. The best part is the platform is completely free and all workouts can be done at home or in the office without the purchase of any equipment.

“Users like our platform because it is always exciting and easy to use. They feel a difference in their body and their energy levels right away.” says Anna Tsui, Co-Founder of Wokaishi.

Since American fast-food chains have invaded China and are arguably making people less healthy, a start-up with a mission to make China more fit and happy is commendable. So get on the site, start yoga-ing, running, weight-lifting your way to feeling good!

Jason is an Australian born Chinese living in Beijing, specializing in entrepreneurship, start-ups and the investment eco-system in China, especially in the tech and social area.

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