We wrote about the “Jiepang X Starbucks” cooperation in promoting NFC (Near-field communication) technology last year, the two just announced the 2nd anniversary of their partnership, by giving customers unprecedented beneficial packages activated through checking-in at any Starbucks retail stores in eastern China (including Shanghai, Jiangsu province and Zhejiang province).

People who check into any Starbucks in the aforementioned places and share the check-ins to other SNS services like Sina Weibo, Renren and QZone would be awarded with Starbucks branded Frappuccino®virtual badge. What’s more interesting is, people who has one badge under belt can apply for the however-you-want-it workshop where coffee masters will teach you how to make a cup of coffee that only for you.

Starbucks certainly is one of the longest and most creative partners of Jiepang with two years of partnership. The coffee franchise is very popular in China, as Dave Liu, co-founder and CEO of Jiepang noted that ”Starbucks has always been the most check-in spot among Jiepang users. You can find traces of Jiepang users’ check-ins in every Starbucks retail store through the tips and photos they have posted.” An infographic made by Jiepang showed that since Jiepang first launched in 2010, 409k users have checked in at Starbucks via the service in Greater China region with 810k check-ins generated.

And these data gathered from check-ins and UGC tips, could be well leveraged to bring more fun and excitement to Jiepang users and also to better serve Jiepang partners with more consumer insights, according to Dave.

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