GuoheAD, the Beijing-based mobile ad startup announced the launch of Guohe MIX, a CPA-based cross-promotion platform specified for the cross promotion of mobile games.

The new initiative from Guohe is characterized by the full-screen billboard ad format which aims at ramping up conversion rate and an exchange center where developers can find app and app developers with whom they’d like to do cross promotion.

GuoheMIX claimed to be the first who introduce full-screen billboard ad into mobile ad sector, the unique format which pops and takes up nearly the whole screen space leads into higher conversion rate for advertisers, namely mobile app developers in this case. And for the sake of user appealing, you get to fully customize the appearance of the ad in terms of backgrounds, pictures, layouts and even as small as buttons. Also you can control when you want the ads to show up, like when players pause the game or when they make it to the next level. The smart integration of game experience and mobile ad reduces the risk of alienating users with annoying ads interrupting the game.

The new exchange center for developers is also a great plus. You could find your potential “ads partner” by posting in the community, just like post a classified ads on Craiglist.

Some highlights about Guohe MIX:

  • Full screen billboard ads that integrates into game experience with full customization
  • Powerful yet easy-to-use ad managements
  • Ad exchange center where developers could hands down find partners
  • Light-weighted SDK with few lines of codes without compromising the game experience

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