Russia-based Anton Roshchine Studio, maker of iPhone, Android as well as online games just released a new title to add some new pleasure to those who like cutting things, say, ropes.

The game, titled To Bee or Not to Bear, which according to the studio that might be some kind of parody parallel with Shakespear’s Hamlet, sets in a virtual Hiveland that’s home to hard-worked bees and hairy impudent bears. Since both love bungee jump, that gives you the player a chance to cut the rubber hose the bears used to help bees get rid of their greedy neighbors.

It’s a simple yet interesting idea.

When being asked how they came up with a game idea like this, I was told that they wanted to create a game, where the player is able to do everything with just one finger. Cutting things is a great idea but since something similar dubbed Cut the Ropes already existed in the market and is quite popular, they got started brainstorming and thinking outside of the box, till the idea of everlasting honey wars between bees and bears sparkled.

Currently, the studio is staffed by ten.

One thing particular about the game is that, the studio swiped away anything that related to violence, murders, disgusting and terrifying objects and so on and just wanted to make a clean game for both children and adults, So that’s why, they said, you won’t see usual game attractions like zombies, blood splatter, weapons among other elements.

The game is priced at Us$ 0.99 – like most iOS apps. Buy once and all future updates are free to download.

The studio also provided some free promo codes for TN’s readership, help yourself download the title from App Store and have fun with cutting.






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