Gome finally made the decision to clean up its confusing line-up of ecommerce initiatives and combine its Gome.com.cn and Coo8.com. Gome reported three consecutive quarterly losses, reshaping ecomm operation wouldn’t help too much on that front though.

Wu Youguang, CEO of Tencent ecomm arm confirmed that the ecommerce subsidiary of Tencent would be consolidating buy.qq.com and 51buy.com next year, but their brands and operation modes would be left untouched.  He also mentioned that the company has been piloting O2O-based and social-enabled application of ecommerce, these would be one of Tencent’s silver bullet in the coming year when competing with rivals.

Taobao/TMall recorded more than RMB 1000 billion combined turnover in the first eleven months of this year. Before some get all excited, you should realize that this isn’t all that great news as the ‘twins’ ruled online retailing market with dominant market share (95.43% and 54.6% for Taobao and TMall respectively, 3Q of 2012, according to iResearch), which might do harm to competition.

Momo CEO Tang Yan claimed 20M users for the service which is known for its “ONS” characteristics. See below for some breakdown data points about the app:

  • 20M users since live a year and four months ago
  • 70 million messages sent out within the app, 10 million are group messages
  • 2 (Male) : 1 (Female)
  • 47% (iOS) : 53% (Android)
  • about RMB 1.4 million marketing expenditure in 2012

We’ve been told by the company earlier that it’s looking to set foot abroad with an app catered for overseas market.

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