Alipay Shares Insights into Chinese Online Consuming Behaviors

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Alipay, the largest and most popular Chinese online payment service, just shared its insights into its users’ online shopping behavior over the past year, given the service’s de facto dominating position in Chinese online payment market – Alipay claimed more than 800 million registered accounts as of last December while according to a fresh new stats released yesterday by CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center) that China crossed 564 million netizens in 2012- the insights literally reflect Chinese people’s online consuming behaviors in general.

According to Alipay, though economically developed Zhejiang (14.85%), Guangdong (14.06%), Shanghai, Beijing and Jiangsu topped the five spots by average annual spending, underdeveloped regions experienced fastest growth compared to the big guys as tier 4 cities grew 64% yoy in online payment users and 68% yoy in payment amounts.

The plethora of mobile devices also boosted mobile payments in last year, according to Alipay, mobile payments via the service saw a stunning 546% growth from a year earlier. An interesting finding regarding mobile payment is that, people in small cities preferred paying through mobile channel as th

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