Chinese startup TalkingData yesterday launched in Beijing its new initiative dubbed TalkingData Game Analytics ( as the latest addition to the company’s data-centric solutions ranging from app data analysis, marketing performance monitoring service, customized recommendation engine to data mining.

Founded in 2011, the company started as a tool of app data analysis in the crowded market with other similar offerings. The past year has seen tremendous momentum of growth in mobile game sector. Some developers pocketed real money; more up-and-comers were attracted into the fever while mounting competition forced the developers to ramp their offerings from any aspects.

TalkingData Game Analytics, or TDGA, spotted the urgent needs and opportunity, tailored its offering for mobile game developers. According to Cui Xiaobo, founder and CEO of the company, TDGA is all about giving developers easy access to intuitive and streamlined stats on game operation through methods like highlighting game-focused attributes like user behaviors, prepaid deposits, virtual item consumtipn, eliminating unnecessary attributes and so forth.

Along with the launch of TDGA, the company also got out a Mobile Game Operating Data Analysis White Paper to help mobile developers to gain better insights into their stats reports.

Everything As A Service

Mr. Cui raised a very interesting point in the interview with TechNode, saying that after concepts like SaaS (software as a service) and Iaas (Infrastructure as a service), now comes the era of Everything As A Service. He believes that any application and solution should be provided like a service. Tool comes with no relevant services amount to nothing to a client. That’s the mindset behind a streamlined TDGA report and a matching consulting service to help a client gets more value out of the data churned out by their games.

For now, TalkingData Game Analytics comes in three plans, from the basic (US$ 205 per month) plan, standard plan (US$ 1556 per month) to pro plan (US$ 9324 per month).

The company closed Series A round with undisclosed sum last December.

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