PanoPlaza, one of the winners of 2012 OpenWebAsia Awards, is a Japanese startup providing the technology that transforms online store to 3D panorama virtual shop to resembles the shopping experience in physic stores. The company just announced its partnership with discount chain store Don Quijote Co.,Ltd. that adopted PanoPlaza to share panorama virtual shops on their intranet.

Don Quijote is famous for its store design and display with full of merchandises. Conventionally when the new store opens or the store’s interior changes staffs from the headquarter and other stores needed to visit each store to share the know-how of merchandise shelves. Since Don Quijote has hundreds of stores all over Japan and it’s difficult for them to go around all the stores.

With the support of PanoPlaza, Don Quijote has constructed a framework to check stores on line. They are using one shot panorama camera and upload panorama photos to PanoPlaza. Thus the company is able to create panorama virtual tours of their shops and share them within their group or their company. This framework shortens the time of sharing newly opened store’s display environment and reduced the cost of store management and transportation.

According to the press release sent from Soko Aoki from PanoPlaza, since April 2012 when Don Quijote started to use PanoPlaza, about 600 panorama photos in 21 stores have been uploaded on PanoPlaza. This covers 50,000 square meters of store area and speeds up intelligence sharing within the company.

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