According to Alipay’s latest report on 2012 cross-border e-commerce, Chinese online shoppers who bought items overseas spent around 1514 RMB on average and the total consumption went up by 117% yoy, higher than the expansion speed of local e-commerce market, which was 64.7%. Here are some of the interesting facts:

  • Cosmetics, infant food, clothes, health products and electronics are the top five categories Chinese would like to purchase from overseas.
  • In terms of purchasing power, people born in the 1970s and 1980s are still pillars, accounting for 21.2% and 51.8% of the total spending, respectively.
  • Zhejiang Province, Guangdong Provinces and Shanghai are the top three regions in per capita consumption.
  • The No.1 cross-border online shopper from Hangzhou spent 3.1 million RMB in 2012, followed by a person in Shanghai that spent 375k RMB.
  • 51% shoppers spent 101-500 RMB per order.
  •  Overall, the frequency of cross-border shopping is increasing, but people are still cautious considering the risks in return policies and custom clearance issues.

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