WeChat Games: One Released, Ten More to Come

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Tencent rolled out the beta version of WE-LINK (as shown above), a mobile social game developed by Tianmei Yiyou, a game development team under Tencent (via Tencent Tech).  It’s the first title released not only for Mobile QQ users but also for WeChat users.

The China’s Internet giant is reportedly to release ten more mobile games including the three we reported before, We Love Pang, We Runner and Fight the Landlord. Those will cover a variety of categories, link-up, music, cards, etc. All of these games will enable WeChat and mobile QQ logins.

In addition, the smash hits of Fruit Ninja, Temple Run 2, Moon Wolf, Tower of Saviors and Plants vs. Zombies 2 will be introduced to Tencent gaming platform.

WE-LINK is a link-up game, currently only available on Android:

  1. Score rankings bring more fun among QQ/WeChat friends.



  1. Gamers can share their scores to friends.


  1. Interactions with friends win more playing time.


  1. Virtual currency is available for purchasing gaming tools to achieve higher scores. Payments are supported by Tenpay, Tencent’s payments service, and WeChat Payment that will be released with the upcoming WeChat 5.0.
Pony Ma, co-founder and CEO of Tencent, believed mobile games would be the first revenue source for WeChat. Tencent’s existing open platform plans to expand to WeChat, bringing apps by Chinese developers to overseas markets.