AllMobilize offers to transform your website to an HTML5-powered WebApp. Thus the mobile version of your site will be compatible with any smartphone no matter what operating system it’s running or the screen size. Even better, you don’t have to have another address for the mobile site.

HTML5 now is considered  good enough for average websites to have a cross-platform presence. Mobile browsers or app store operators are setting up WebApp stores to take advantage of this trend. The major problem with it, however, is that Internet access is required to launch a WebApp.


Benfeng Chen, who used to work on IE (IE8 and above) engineering team, went back to China and started his business at Microsoft Accelerator in Beijing. AllMobilize raised seed funding from iFlytek, a leading Chinese company in voice technology which Benfeng helped found.

Half a year later AllMobilize has already had a dozen of clients who pay about USD 1000 for a standard solution. Clients with specific needs have to pay more.

The company’s next step is to expand to everywhere on earth, as companies who’d like to have a neat presence on mobile devices but don’t necessarily need a native app are everywhere. the City of Bellevue has be convinced by the company to use its service.

Tracey Xiang

Tracey Xiang is Beijing, China-based tech writer. Reach her at

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