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Codoon Wristband and App

Codoon Wristband, one of the first wearable devices produced by Chinese companies, was launched in the past June. Previously known as an appcessory developed by Baidu, this  fitness-tracking gadget, however, was made by Codoon, a Chinese startup based in Chengdu.

Shen Bo founded Codoon in October 2009. In April 2011, Codoon received funding from Chinese online gaming company Shanda. Codoon Wristband is its latest product. By partnering with Baidu, Codoon can leverage its Cloud platform. The two sides also plan to come up with personalized services based on user data.

The accompanying app for the wristband is called Codoon Workout. It can monitor your activity and sleep patterns. You can view the calories you burn, the distance and pace of your workout. At the same time, it will remind you to work out and wake you up during your sleep at the best time. When applied to monitor sleep status, it can measure your sleep quality.

Codoon also developed other gadgets such as Codoon Candy  and Codoon Smile with similar functions. With Codoon Candy or Codoon wristband, you can sync all the data to Codoon Workout by simply plugging one into the audio interface of your cellphone. As to Codoon Smile Pro, you have to connect it to PC through USB and sync all the data to the Codoon website.

Codoon Candy (left) and Codoon Smile

Codoon introduced social elements and created incentive mechanism. Based on the exercise data synced to the platform, you can view your friends’ activities and challenge each other to running a few blocks. You can also share experiences to Codoon social platform and a virtual currency is introduced to reward users: the more calories you burn, the more virtual money you will get.

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