IncubAsia Ventures tries to introduce the European tech business models into the burgeoning Asia. It works with European early stage tech companies and venture capital firms to capitalise on Asian markets. The first action by many here must be asking the question, “could the successful experience gained in Europe be compatible with Asia?”

Both European and Asian markets, IncubAsia believe, are fragmented in terms of culture, language, consumer behavior and purchasing power. Overall business/consumer sentiment is way stronger in Asia and as tech savvy as northern Europe, while southern Europe is lagging behind. IncubAsia see there are “still lots of virgin markets and less domestic competitors on the scene” in Asia while “it is increasingly difficult for early stage tech companies to get access to large multinational corporations in Europe and the United States”, a representative told TechNode.

The Singapore-based company offers services of venture acceleration, incubation and venture investment to its portfolio companies.

The company’s Singapore-based team provides the services of business development, marketing & sales, hiring and localization to their portfolio companies, helping them to get quick access to the local markets. Local services are hired for portfolio companies to localize; namely, translation into local languages, tailor pricing models and localized payment gateways.

IncubAsia’s focus is on enterprise solutions, augmented reality, social media, health tech, analytics, digital media and educational tech. Established in October 2012, it has seven portfolio companies so far, namely, Sayduck, Antovo, Pult, Pultage, Syncnscan, Semusi and Pocket Media. Antavo, a promotion app for small- and medium-sized enterprises, is available in Mandarin, Malay, Bahasa & Hindi. It has had over 10,000 enterprise customers

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