The booming development of Chinese tourism industry, especially the outbound and backpack travelling sector, leads to the emergence of a raft of new tourism services recently.

Qyer, a tourism service Alibaba just invested in, is principally engaged in providing recommendations and information to outbound tourists. The company’s core products cover travel guide, forum, inquiry and tips, among others. The website now boasts nearly 10 million users and 5 million activated mobile app users.

Shijiebang, an outbound and backpack tourism service platform, aims to provide customized, cost-effective and high quality tourism services. Instead of providing tourism products itself, Shijiebang serves as a platform and offers third-party trading guarantee and schedule design services to customers. In addition, the website is also a communication platform for travelers, travelling agencies and tourism service providers to share their experiences.


Ukubang, offering coupons for outbound travelers, has extended its services to 22 cities in Australia, United States, Thailand, Singapore and England. Users can enjoy discounts for a certain service in the destination countries by showing the coupons on their mobile terminals. Ukubang also provides tourism recommendations to assist the customers in selecting destinations. The Shanghai-based company is now seeking for Series A Financing.


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