If you broke up with someone, you probably couldn’t stand to see Facebook photos of them in someone else’s arms. Well, here is a tech-savvy way to avoid it on Renren, the Facebook clone that is still popular among Chinese college students. Launched timely around the Chinese Valentine’s Day, the app is designed by Xie Mengfei, a third-year student at Wuhan University (WHU).

Install the Chrome app “Breakup Machine,” enter your ex’s name, select what you want to erase (photos, statuses, blog entries etc), the Breakup Machine will remove everything about your ex on Renren. It works like KillSwitch which helps remove ex’s traces on Facebook.


Xie has previously coded several other hot apps for WHU students, most notably the WeChat public account “WHU Assistant” that Xie put together within 9 hours.

The app answers students’ questions as a WeChat public account (source: Techweb.com.cn)

With an aim to answer everything students want to know about WHU, the app can respond to staple requests similar to what OneSchool offers such as course schedules, campus news, as well as the more tongue-in-cheek services like campus celebrities listing and find-the-closest-washroom. Once students hook their college registration portals to their WeChat accounts, they can hit the ground running on this intelligent Q&A machine.

Xie is on a small student development team that has caught investors’ eye. One of his teammates, Liu Jingkang, caused controversy when he successfully figured out the phone number of Qihoo 360‘s CEO Zhou Hongyi by translating the phone number’s dialing tones into specific numbers. Xie already has job offers at hand but he said he is continuing with his schooling and projects to “meet his friends’ needs” for now.

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