eJiajie is a location-based housekeeping app developed by the team of taxi app Dididache, which makes inroads to a new field after the government put curbs on the taxi app sector.

With more than 3,000 registered housekeepers, eJiajie enables users to get quick access to housekeepers near their homes (source in Chinese). eJiajie charges 39 yuan ($6.32) for two hours, allegedly the lowest in Beijing city.

A star-rating system was established for the service of each housekeeper. Housekeepers with higher ratings will get a higher service charge. eJiajie will buy insurance policies in case housekeepers accidentally broke something in clients’ homes.


A Screenshot of eJiajie

eJiajie charges housekeepers 300 yuan to 600 yuan of annual fee, promising to offer more than 200 orders a year. The company planned to include confinement care, elder care and babysitting to the business lineup. In addition, it also plans to train housekeepers. (source in Chinese).

Similar services in the market include Yunjiazheng and Shenbian.

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