Speed dating shows are of the hottest TV programs in China. On stage there are a dozen ladies, waiting for male guests to appear one by one. Ladies who don’t like a man guest can simply switch off the light in front of each of them. A man must be lucky that the girl he likes is of the ladies who keep the lights on till the end of a session. Several TV stations producing and airing such shows once or twice a week — hundreds of millions of Chinese are watch dozens of people speed dating.

Doudouyou lets everyone participate in such a show or watch it anytime, anywhere. Even more, the mobile app enables audiences chat, with text or voice messages, about a session real-time.

Doudouyou mobile speed dating show
Doudouyou mobile speed dating show

Doesn’t it sound like the lucrative online music show business? Like YY Music which let the live music show on TV happen online anytime. And any performer can attend such a show by simply creating a YY account.

It’s no wonder Doudouyou introduced the virtual sale model and charts created by the online music show businesses.  DouCoin is the virtual currency for purchasing virtual gifts to ladies on stage. Users can buy it through its store on Taobao. The charts show who are the most liked women or men.

Doudouyou is also a dating app. Everyone has a profile page, can chat with other users or users nearby, or share anything onto its social platform.

Interface of Doudouyou App:Cover & Social Sharing
Interface of Doudouyou App:Cover & Social Sharing

Developers in China have been exploring online/mobile dating market. Online dating sites like Jiayuan have become the conventional. Jiayuan saw revenue growth decelerating in the past year or so. Stranger social apps emerged later. Momo who claimed it had had 50 million users started working on having users stay longer on the platform other than meeting strangers and leaving. But there are still people developing new apps for strangers to socialize.

Tracey Xiang is Beijing, China-based tech writer. Reach her at traceyxiang@gmail.com

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