Taobao app just released a new version. It’s more social.

Two plugins were created that allow for interactive promotions on mobile. One is “Deals for Fans” that helps push promotions to followers; the other is “Lotto Shaker” that users can try their luck by shaking smartphones.

The new version has integrated Wangxin, the voice messaging app for communications between consumers and retailers, so that users can talk to sellers directly — previously they had to follow a retailer’s official account in order to do so. Besides text, the new Taobao app supports voice messages, images and emoticons. Other social elements introduced include “Like” feature.

Taobao said their goal this year was to create more ways for retailers to do business. The previous update of Taobao app introduced official account system, the one created by WeChat, for retailers to interact with customers and do CRM. There have been more than 10 thousand official accounts on Taobao mobile app, according to Taobao.

Tracey Xiang is Beijing, China-based tech writer. Reach her at

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