Tencent’s Vine Clone WeShow is Integrated into WeChat[Updated]

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Interface of Weshi
Interface of Weshi


WeChat is testing WeShow (or Weishi in Chinese), a Vine-like video clip sharing service. Video clips can be shared onto Moments, the sharing platform in WeChat.

Different from Vine, a video clip on WeChat allows for up to 8 seconds long. It looks the videos are hosted by Tencent Video, the company’s online video arm.

Tencent developed WeShow, or Weishi in Chinese, one year ago. Not many people know about it for the company hardly promoted it in the past year The name confused many as it’s the name of a video chatting app developed by the company in 2011. Tencent later explained that on WeChat is a brand new one that the team started developing half a year ago.