It’s been a little more that a year since Gary Wang, founder and former CEO of Tudou, announced to leave the company when it was about to be delisted from the NASDAQ.

Gary Wang then decided to build an animated film production company like Pixar. Today he talked about how his team planned to build an animation production company in the way of running an Internet company, disclosing that the first one will debut in 2015.

The original story of the upcoming one is by Wang himself. As a published writer, Wang has written novels and stage plays.

Now there are 26 members in his company, Light Chaser Animation. One third of the team are engineers, one third are product managers and the rest are in art department. Wang wants to manage the team as an Internet company where engineers are used to be but hardly are those art designers from old-school film companies. Iteration is important for an Internet product, but art designers would take a long time to design one scene.

Wang came to the idea of producing animations is because he believes the growth of this category will surpass that of the overall box office in China, which is 30% annually. His goal is to make animations as good as those by Pixar, Dreamworks and the like.

Currently there are not many good animations in China market. Gary Wang, however, isn’t the only one that see the gaps there. There are more than a few. He told the investors whom he wanted to sell the Tudou idea years ago that the video site would disrupt the TV industry. The TV industry has been fundamentally changed. If Wang could build an animation company that benefits from the Internet fashion to the full, he would help change another industry.

Tracey Xiang is Beijing, China-based tech writer. Reach her at

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