Tencent released WeShow, a Vine-like short video sharing app where users can create and post video clips or share these videos to friends on social networking services under Tencent. The lengths of the video clip span from two seconds to eight seconds (report in Chinese).

WeShow supports the login of three kinds of Tencent accounts, namely Tencent Weibo, QQ and QQ Mail. In addition, WeShow account will follow users’ QQ friends automatically. Both of these two services are not available for WeChat accounts. But WeShow users can share their videos to Tencent Weibo and WeChat friends.


WeShow has invited a lot of stars to establish accounts on the platform to attract more audiance. The service is currently only available for iOS platform. Industry insiders disclosed that Tencent has kicked of the research and development of this project at the beginning of this year.

An employee of Tencent claimed that WeShow is different from its namesake that Tencent launched in 2011. The old WeShow is cross-platform video call software based on QQ contacts.

Foreign short video services have made constant clouts on the mobile Internet industry in recent years with the quick development Vine, Keek and Instagram. Tencent’s entry may trigger the development of short video service in Chinese market. Similar domestic services are Miaopai, Weipai and Papaqi and WeiCo+.

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