Xiaomi Reportedly To Launch Smart Watch Before Year End

QQ截图20131008140105Chinese handset maker Xiaomi Technology has started the mass production of a home-grown smart watch, PingWest reported, citing people familiar with the matter from Shenzhen-based manufacturer. The report added that Xiaomi will unveil and ship the new smart watch to customers before the year-end (report in Chinese).

Powered by custom MIUI, Xiaomi smart watch will be compatible with Xiaomi Phone as an accessary. PinWest added that the new smart watch will be priced much lower than all the domestic smart watches that currently announced their prices.

If this news is true, Xiaomi will become the first manufacturer to put smart watch into mass production, outrunning other competitors in exploring domestic smart watch market. Several Chinese companies such as, Shanda, Yingqu, Coolpad and Tomoon, also released smart watch products, but these gadgets are far from ready to hit the market.

Compared with other smart watch makers, Xiaomi has established a smooth cooperation relationship with hardware suppliers and OEMs after three years of bargaining, eliminating the obstacles in mass production and shipment.