App Annie, a mobile app analytics service, recently released two free eBook analytics tools in less than one month after it secured $15 million of Series C financing, namely Analytics and Store Stats. The potential users of these tools are publishers, authors, agents, and marketers.


Analytics reflects the all-around information of eBooks in a simple dashboard, including the up-to-date graphs and charts for sales, downloads, reviews, and ratings. Analytics will retrieve and organize all the data after users log in their Amazon Kindle Store or Apple iBookstore accounts, and then create reports accessible through web, email, spreadsheets and soon, a mobile app.


Store Stats is focused on providing insights to the larger market trends across a database of over one million eBooks from both Apple and Amazon stores. The company planned to cover more eBook marketplaces in the near future.

eBooks and apps share a lot of similarities, since both of them are enabled by electronic devices and their performances are quite sensitive to factors that can be tracked dynamically, such as mobile marketing plans, price changes, and promotion activities. In addition, the sales of eBook industry is expected to top $8.2 billion by 2017, eclipsing that audio and print books, according to report released by Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

App Annie, a service that tracks 145,000 app developers and more than 300,000 apps, made inroads into eBook analytics sector, because they can leverage their existing infrastructure to cater for the needs of eBook market, which has a huge market potential, according to Bertrand Schmitt, CEO, App Annie Inc.

image credit: App Annie

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