Mark your calendars, perfect storm is colliding in Shanghai next weekend (Oct 25-27).  Okay, I don’t really mean it literally but with the sudden massive drop in temperature, it could happen right?

So, what I’m referring to are 2 very popular events we’ve been looking forward to are kicking off next Friday.

First is BarCamp.  Folks are Techyizu are continuing the bi-annual tradition of organizing this popular unconference.  This time, with the estimated attendance of 700 people, we can only hope the venue is big enough and sponsors have given enough to feed the crowd.  This event is free and relevant to those who want to learn something new, meet old friends, and make new friends in the techie, entrepreneurial, and social innovation side of Shanghai.

Saturday 26th, October 2013
The Nest (Gongyi Xintiandi)
105 Puyu West Road
Near Lujiabang Road subway station (line 8, 9)
Walk east for 10 minutes, Make a right turn on Puyu West Road
Near Nanpu Bridge subway station (line 4)
Google Map

You do need to register to attend.  For details about the event including the confirm topics are listed here.  I’ll be sharing about the ebook I recently launched at TechCrunch Disrupt – Web Behind The Wall.  So if you are keen in hearing about TechCrunch and what it was like to write an ebook, please come have a listen and ask questions!

Next is Lean Startup Machine, it is most relevant for people who are more serious about tech entrepreneurship and ready to go a step deeper in pitching, validating, designing, and building a product.  Lean Startup is a 3 day course and participants will learn invaluable lean startup principles and create products that people actually want under the assistance and guidance of mentors, investors, seasoned entrepreneurs.  This course is fee based and has global presence hosting 104 workshops in 40 cities with 7800 entrepreneurs.

Some perks for the attendance as mentioned by the beautiful Annette Lilly, organizer of Lean Startup Machine

  • Free domain registration from Dot Asia
  • Free car rides from Uber
  • Winning teams will receive 1:1 mentor ship session from MINGLABS and DAD ASIA

Friday, 25th thru Sunday 27th, October 2013

People Squared
Yanping Attic Bld 8
990 Changping Rd
JingAn, Shanghai
联合创业办公社 延平智阁 上海市静安区昌平路990号8号楼 近延平路

More details about this event can be found on the Lean Startup Shanghai site here.  Registration ends next Wednesday, Oct 23, and TechNode reader can still get the early bird discount using the code LEANWEB

The promotional video for the event is awesome, it’s 90 sec, have a look

Lean Startup Youku Video

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