Aimeiwei: Food-sharing App Aiming at SNS for Foodies

爱美味Screenshot of Aimeiwei

Aimeiwei is food-sharing app developed by Shanghai-based Zhangyu Network Technology. The app is designed to fulfill three functions of finding, tasting and sharing dishes.

Users can login with either Sina Weibo or QQ accounts. Aimeiwei will recommend dishes to users according to their geographical proximity and the popularity degree of dishes. Users can save favorite dishes to their “itineraries” before hand and the app will push alerts to users when they are within 500 meters of the restaurant.

Food-snappers can upload dish pictures moderated with camera filters, name of restaurants and dishes, reviews, and prices.

Different from a vast majority of domestic ratings & reviews services that focused on environment and tastes of specific restaurants, Aimeishi set eyes on each dishes and the stories behind them, and therefore, the interface of Aimeishi is packed with picture of tasty dishes, more attracting than pictures of restaurants.

The service is compatible with both Android and iOS system. Similar apps are Burpple, Meishixing and Ricebook.