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Djytapp, or Doujiangyoutiao in Chinese (soymilk and Chinese doughnut) is a speed dating app which adapts the metaphoric meaning of its Chinese name, the perfect match. The app adopts gaming elements and employs proprietary matching algorithm to ensure that users are shown the best potential candidates.

After logging in with Sina Weibo accounts, user has to complete the profile including information on profession, educational background, revenue, housing, etc. The user is first asked to choose from four randomly selected nearby strangers based on visual appeal, and then, backgrounds. The app will decide how well the user is matched to their prospective match and chatting only begins in case of mutual selection by both parties.

With focus on both Yuan (predestined relationship) and security, the gamified dating process tried to get rid of the creepy factors of dating apps. Potential candidates that have already been recommended to a cerain user will not appear on his/her recommendation list again and female users can choose to hide their personal information.

The app targets at female white-collar users between 18 to 35 years old, who do not have time and means to know new friends due to pressures from work.

The app is currently only available on iOS platform. Similar stranger dating app are Moumou, Yujian, and Zhantai.

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