Cooliris always wants to be the one place for you to access and view all of your photos across the Web. It has integrated major services that have users’ photos, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Also it has expanded to regions, such as Russia and mainland China, where users prefer to or have to use services developed by local companies or in their own languages.

Previously Cooliris had added social network Renren and microblogging service Tencent Weibo for users in mainland China. The team behind it know currently the most popular social media in China is the Twitter-style Sina Weibo. They wanted to have Sina Weibo as the first Chinese service be integrated, but it turned out that Renren and Tencent Weibo would respond sooner and more supportive to an app from outside China like Cooliris.

Now Sina Weibo users can view the photos from the platform through Cooliris 3D wall, discover new content by tapping usernames, and follow people within the app.

View Photos from Sina Weibo on Cooliris
View Photos from Sina Weibo on Cooliris

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