Baidu added a cloud camera iermu to its hardware brand Xiaodu after releasing three gadgets under the brand earlier this year. With focus on home security market, iermu enables users to keep a keen eye on the security of your children, aged parents, and pets.

The gadget is cloud-connected, providing 720p HD live video stream as well as video content monitoring and alarm functions. There is no need to install or connected it to the computer. It will install automatically in 60 seconds in WiFi environment. With embedded microphone and loudspeaker, iermu supports two-way remote dialogue.

After registering a Baidu account, users can browse the monitoring video stored on Baidu Cloud on digital devices like PC, smartphone, or tablet.

In addition to hardware brand Xiaodu, the searching giant also made foray in wearable smart device market by releasing a dedicated website for wearables in cooperation with Codoon Wristband and inWatch. Baidu aims to attract more partners to adopt its cloud infrastructure and create an App Store-like platform, where users can upload data related to their daily life, noted by Hou Zhenyu, chief architect of Baidu Cloud, at TechCrunch Shanghai.

Qihoo also planned to explore hardware industry by releasing a dongle and a router earlier this year.

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