By today (December 5th), over five thousand taxis in Beijing have supported Alipay mobile payment. 500 more are added each day and the total will reach ten thousand in several days, according to Alipay.

After scanning a QR code, a user will be directed to an Alipay page for payment. The taxi driver will receive a text message after the payment is completed. The whole process takes several seconds. Users of Kuaidi, the taxi app venture backed by Alipay’s parent company Alibaba, also can make payments with Alipay which has been integrated into the app.

Beijing is the first city that has such large number of taxis to support Alipay app. Previously some taxi drivers in over ten Chinese cities including Hangzhou where Alipay is based adopted Alipay for receiving fees. Alipay will expand to more cities.

Alipay app, named Alipay Wallet, actually, is expanding everywhere, at vending machines, in convenience stores, department stores and so on. After the Nov. 11 annual shopping day of this year the app was about to have 100 million users.

Tracey Xiang is Beijing, China-based tech writer. Reach her at

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