Codoon, a Chinese wearables maker supported by Baidu Cloud, unveiled the new generation of its wristband today. Updates include bluetooth 4.0 support for iOS (Android support will be added later) and a LED display. The price is RMB399 ($65).

It introduced a virtual currency system, by partnering with Taikang Life Insurance, that rewards active users with virtual currency or physical items.

Apart from the wristband, Codoon’s product line include a couple more gadgets. Codoon claims the mobile app, which was launched long before the the wristband and other gadgets, has had 10 million users in 54 countries and regions.

The Codoon platform will open to third parties that users can introduce their connections and data from social services or other appcessories, the company announced today.

The company launched the first wristband earlier this year together with Baidu. The Chinese search giant’s strategy on smart hardware is to offer third-party tracking appcessories like Codoon wristband cloud storage, planning to develop analytics service or other products on top of user data collected by them.

Today Codoon also unveiled an open source smart bathroom scale which is sold for RMB49 ($8). More open source devices will be added. But the Codoon wristband and accompanying gadgets are not included in the project; at least it’s the case for now.

Tracey Xiang is Beijing, China-based tech writer. Reach her at

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