ShareSDK supports over 40 social services.
ShareSDK supports over 40 social services.

ShareSDK is a China-based in-app social sharing widget provider, offering SDKs for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 apps. The 40-ish social platforms it supports not only include the majority of Chinese social services, Weibos, QQ IM, WeChat, Qzone, Renren, etc., but also those widely used by the rest of the world, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and so on.

SDK integration takes no more than ten minutes, according to the company. Apart from enabling users to share to or interact with their connections on those social platforms from one app, ShareSDK offers app developers user statistics based on user profile and activities on social services.

ShareSDK for iOS was launched in January 2013 and the Android later in March. It’s website shows over 17,000 apps are using ShareSDK as of this writing. Almost all of them are developed by Chinese.

The company claims it would never charge for SDK usage.

Earlier this week the company announced some ten million USD in A+ round of funding from an unnamed investor. The funding will be used for expanding overseas and product development, the company said. It’s only been three months since the company announced A round of funding, some ten million yuan, from Shenzhen Capital Group.

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