Alibaba reportedly injected tens of millions of dollars in mobile antivirus tool LBE Security Master to lay out in mobile security industry (report in Chinese).

LBE Security Master is a HIPS application for Android platform developed by team started as a discussion group on Meizu’s forum. It adopts AVL SDK for smart phones to monitor newly occurred malware, adware and spyware in real time. The company’s product portfolio includes LBE Security Master, One Click Root, Privacy Space and Authentication Management. The newly updated version of LBE Security Master features a NFC privacy management function.

The two companies reportedly planned to roll out app distribution platform Taobao Mobile Helper and launch cooperation in development of Alipay Wallet.

All leading domestic Internet companies released homemade mobile security services to lay out in the sector. Baidu just launched Baidu Phone Protector last week.

Emma Lee

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