Tripper is a tourism mobile app which can instantly connects users to live human interpreters and travel assistants in seconds with no pre-planning. The app is also equipped with a massive custom database with cheapest Asian travel resources including flights, hotels, tours and restaurants, a GPS map of users’ location, and a special camera option.

Tripper is more like a “local assistant on steroids” combining human language skills, massive Asian travel databases, and partnership rates to solve problems one may have abroad – interpretation, transportation, food, entertainment, emergency.


 Tripper Main Screen

Designed for ease of use, the main screen of Tripper is quite simple. Just press the button of your need and a pop up window will appear – allowing you to choose your calling method (local phone/IP calling). From there, you’ll instantly call one of the live operators who will provide interpretation/travel assistance over the phone. Currently, the company’s calling centers are located in mainland China and they planned to establish calling centers in other countries.

The target users of Tripper are Chinese outbound tourists and foreigners who travel or live in China. Tripper’s service is priced at $0.5 per minute. Users also can pay by day or by month. The app now provides languages services in Chinese, English, and Japanese.

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