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Chinese location-based messaging app Momo hopped onto the mobile gaming bandwagon and launched altogether three games since the end of last year, including a casual game ThePuzle, a mid-core game Momo Audition, and a hard-core game Momo Craft.

Zheng Yi, Momo’s director of operations, shared with us some insights on these games at a backstage interview at ChinaBang 2014 event. According to the statistics from Momo, the registered users of the three games are 6.22 million, 5.61 million and 2.39 million, respectively. As the latest released game among the three, Momo Craft, a hard-core game with stronger social networking features as compared with the other two games, is well received by the players and outperformed the other two in terms of active users, said Zheng.

All the three games are released in cooperation with gaming companies: ThePuzzle (Com2uS), Momo Audition (9you), Momo Craft (Ejoy). Zheng added that the company is not considering to develop homegrown games and will continue to cooperate with gaming companies to develop games that can enrich the social networking features of the app.

Momo announced 100 million registered accounts and 40 million monthly active users as of Feb this year, becoming the second largest IM tool in China, next only to WeChat.

The company has raked in around US$8 million of revenue since it started monetization from mid-2013 through monthly subscriptions, mobile gaming and sticker shop, according to Tang Yan, founder of the company, in a recent interview.

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