It seems an open secret that the new Apple TV will come out with motion controls supported by the 3D sensing company PrimeSense Apple acquired last year.

Earlier this year Chinese smart TV maker LeTV launched a new TV model that was capable of motion control through a set-top box. That gadget is powered by PrimeSense too. Also, the Israeli tech company is the one behind the Microsoft Kinect.

ORBBEC, a Shenzhen, China-based 3D motion sensing company, today launched a set-top box, a motion controller with similar functions to the LeTV one. Like what you can get from 3D motion sensing, users will be able to control applications on a TV screen with motions. The gadget will be sold less than $100.

ORBBEC are also building a solution for Android that will come out in two months. As there have been a variety of Android-based smart TV makers in China, the company hopes to have some of them adopt its solution. APIs will also be available later for third-party developers to build 3D motion sensor applications such as games.

Motion control capability must have been taken into consideration by almost every smart TV maker. While LeTV added a separate set-top box, other makers like Samsung have enabled other gadgets with the capability, such as camera and TV remote.

ORBBEC, with two dozen employees, was founded as lately as in the second half of last year. The company claims the technologies were developed in house and they have filed patent applications.

Tracey Xiang is Beijing, China-based tech writer. Reach her at

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