China’s total revenue from gaming industry, including online game, mobile game and stand-alone game markets, rocketed 46.4% YOY to 49.62 billion yuan (around US$8.03 billion) in the first half of this year, according to report released by research institutes of GPC and CNG.

Of the total amount, client gaming still takes the No.1 spot in terms of revenue by generating 25.57 billion yuan. Mobile gaming takes the runner-up position by contributing 12.52 billion yuan, overshadowing Web gaming which recorded 9.18 billion yuan in H1 this year. In the same period of last year, the revenues for mobile gaming and web gaming stood at 2.53 billion and 5.34 billion yuan, respectively.

The report added that the number of Chinese gamer climbed 9.5% YOY to 400 billion in the reporting period.

Chinese client game users reached 130 million, up 3.7% YOY, but its market share slumped 17.2% YOY to 51.5% in H1 this year. The number of mobile gamers surged 89.5% YOY to 330 million, with market share climbed to 25.2% from 17.7% in the same period of last year. Web game users increased 6.5% YOY to around 300 million, with market share inched up 2.7% YOY to 18.5%.

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