JD.com, a leading Chinese online retailer that Tencent has a stake in, released JD Mobile QQ Shopping, a level one access point channel on Mobile QQ, Tencent’s flagship IM tool which boasts over 490 million active users.

Dubbed as “Shopping”, the service is placed under the tab of Moments (not official translation) — below the Game Channel. There are three sub-channels for special sales (flash sale/group-buying businesses), deals from brands and general sales market.

Although Tencent has already added a JD shopping channel to Mobile QQ earlier this year, the channel launched backed then is only a sub-channel in Mobile QQ’s QQ Wallet interface. And a level one shopping channel will help users to find JD’s shopping channel more easily, and therefore, bring more traffic.

According to industry insiders, this service will help JD to capitalize on the huge user base of Mobile QQ and bring more mobile users to the e-commerce platform. More importantly, Mobile QQ has a high penetration rate that go beyond first- and second-tier cities to third-, even sixth-tier cities. This advantage will help JD to tap wider domestic market that were inaccessible to its marketing channels before. The source added that the social networking nature of Mobile QQ will open up more opportunities to JD in socialized e-commerce sector.

Upon Tencent’s announcement of a US$214 million investment in JD.com earlier this year, the Chinese Internet giant promised to provide JD with the best resources on WeChat and Mobile QQ. Tencent has kept its promise by giving JD level one access point at WeChat in this May.


Emma Lee (Li Xin) was TechNode's e-commerce and new retail reporter until June 2022, when she moved to Sixth Tone to cover technology and consumption. Get in touch with her via lixin@sixthtone.com or Twitter.

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