Open question: How many times have you forgotten the names or faces of people you just met in networking events? If this has occurred to you significant number of times till it has impeded you to move forward (I kid you), this Hong Kong start-up, EventXtra, may have the right solution for you.

Pocknect is a mobile app that turns your networking event contacts into connections that are meaningful and well-organized using the glorious – that is technology.

So what you do is you continue going for your events but of course, with your smartphone that has Pocknect downloaded in it. The Beacon Technology, which is a hyper-proximity technology, automatically helps you detect other smartphone users around you.

Exchange namecards virtually and start talking to people already. This would avoid you of the awkward ritual of exchanging physical copies of name cards before you can even have a proper conversation.


Simply keep your smartphone in your pocket throughout the event because you do not even need to scan, shake or even look at your phone. All people you have interacted with will be saved and shown when you leave. You can view their details, mark notes and remind yourself who they are after the event.

Pocknect essentially turns into your own secretary to assist managing your connections. You can send emails or SMS to people directly through the app too.


But of course, if you are still comfortable with getting hold of name cards physically, the business card scanning feature would be useful for you by turning your image to digital format in 100% accuracy by OCR and manual checking supported by the team. Pocknect would then categorize the scanned cards according to their importance and nature.

If you are excited to get your hands on Pocknect, you can sign up for a trial version here now.

Huiyi Lee

Tech and communications enthusiast based in Beijing.

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