Smartinspection, as its name implies, is an app that serves the inspection phase during a construction project.

While tons of amazing software have been created for architects and engineers, the guys in the field are still using pen and paper for markups. So the first thing Smartinspection does is making paper disappear at the construction site. It enables audio recording too.

Smartphone and tablet compatible, the app gets everyone on the same page no matter where they are, from real estate companies, construction teams, inspectors, designers, building material retailers to home owners. They can use punch lists to capture photos, locations, and notes from the field. Issues from each party will then sync to a rolling log.

Easily see the damaged and fixed parts

The result is that issue tracking is made simpler and more efficient. Besides, construction-focused apps like Smartinspection that “go paperless” will probably be in greater demand with the new push for green building.

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