Eight months after Microsoft affiliate MS Open Tech set up a subsidiary in Shanghai, the U.S. software company’s Asia-Pacific Research and Development Group (ARD) launched another entity in the city to boost gains distributed throughout Chinese ecosystem.

Microsoft Asia-Pacific Technology Company Ltd. is a new company focused on locally producing mobile first, cloud first innovation with global impact. It is primarily composed of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise China engineering group with Shen Yuanqing, CEO of ARD, as chief manager. Since starting in early 2005, the China team has been contributing to core platform products including Microsoft Azure, Windows Server, Power BI for Office 365, Visual Studio and e-Commerce platform.

At the event, ARD and its partners presented the latest technologies, services and solutions in the field of cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

In cooperation with government of Shanghai Minhang District, the company has developed a management dashboard system that integrates monitoring data from health management, livelihood hotline, public opinion dynamics, air quality, noise and transportation, helping the government to make better decisions.

“Business demands and scenarios increasingly require rapid and constant innovation in our mobile first, cloud first world,” said Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise Group.

With the cloud as a main priority, ARD established the China Cloud Innovation Center (CCIC) in 2010 in Shanghai to help partners and customers in China. Early this year, Microsoft announced that Azure and Office 365 would be available to all China customers.

Microsoft Ventures Accelerator, a Beijing-based startup incubator since 2012, has supported 85 startups from different industries and areas and reached over 100 million users in China and around the world through Azure.

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