Taobao Life, the local service arm of Alibaba’s e-commerce marketplace Taobao, wheeled out an on-demand laundry platform in conjunction with several washing service providers, including iLanmao, Ganxike, and Laundry Queen (our translation).

With this service, users can schedule a time that is convenient for them to pick up or drop off laundry at their door, by placing an order on a Taobao interface (as shown below). Taobao claims that the platform processed more than 50,000 pieces of laundries in October alone.


To provide a high quality service, the platform works with quality logistics businesses, such as SF Express, according to the company. The clothes will be cleaned in centralized facilities where the entire process is monitored, with each piece of clothes having its own QR code. The laundry will re-done for free if customers are not satisfied with the level of cleaning.

With on-demand services taking hold in transportation, it’s no surprise to see it expanding to other parts of daily life, like housekeeping, home appliance maintenance, or even manicures, as more customers are willing to pay for the convenience of not having to do the chores themselves.

Already there’s ample competition with on-demand laundry services, and investors have started to realize the potential in this sector. A leading player in the arena 24tidy just raised Series A financing led by SIP Oriza Seed Fund Management and other similar services include Xiyigj,GanxikeLanrizi, and Weixiyi. As a continuation of its O2O expansion, Tencent invested in Edaixi, a service born out of time-honored brand Rong Chain Laundry, earlier this year.

Taobao’s laundry service is launched as part of its local service platform which integrates various local life services like house cleaning, home appliance maintenance, law services, translation, and automobile service, among others.

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