Interface of Uda
Interface of Uda

Tencent and New Oriental Education & Technology Group, the leading Chinese private school specializing in preparing students for English exams, established a joint venture earlier this year. The JV recently launched its first mobile app, Uda.

Uda, unsurprisingly, is for middle school and college students, to help them prepare for English exams. Behind the app there are a question database and algorithms that recommend questions based on a student’s capabilities. The app also generates analytics reports on users’ performance.

There are and have been similar apps on the market. What Uda has leveraged are the resources and advantages of New Oriental. Answer and explanations for questions at Uda are provided by teachers from New Oriental, and some teachers are also on the app answering questions submitted by students. There are also tutorial videos from New Oriental available for free.

Currently the app has only been released on Android and is only available on Tencent’s MyApp store. It is expected services by the joint venture can easily gain users as almost all Chinese internet users go on Tencent’s platforms.

Editing by Mike Cormack (@bucketoftongues)

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