TechNode and Cyberport have created a forum in Hong Kong for local entrepreneurs to show the public their products and services and to impress investors at a roadshow event on March 11th. ChinaBang is now recruiting creative startups and entrepreneurs from Hong Kong, with support from local partners Cyberport, HKSTPStartupsHK, Startup College and others. 

ChinaBang Awards, an annual ceremony recognizing the best Chinese startups, is entering its fourth year in 2015. As the brainchild of TechNode, ChinaBang Awards honor innovative ideas, startups and entrepreneurs in more than twenty categories to recognize their achievements over the past year.

Cyberport is a creative digital community with over 300 technology and digital tenants. Among the twelve startups that pitched on the stage, seven startups were incubated in Cyberport.

Cyberport and TechNode successfully delivered Startup Training and Pitching Day. The nominated startups presented a 3-minute elevator pitch to the panel of five judges. After deliberation, the judges announced the top three startups: SnapAsk, and EventXtra, They will all be given opportunity to get a booth for Startup Alley at TechNode’s next hosted event.

1. EventXtra

EventXtra helps event organizations, including corporate and government, to simplify the organizing process and increase the event’s impact. The company’s strong point is that it offers one-stop event management so that organizers doesn’t have the problem of managing dozens of different services. Connected to the app, attendees at an event can enjoy ‘smart networking’ by tracking useful information. The attendee can browse all attendees, their profiles and interests, and connect to them.


Notey is a platform that helps you find the best blogs on over 500,000 topics. By combing through and manually curating millions of blogs, Notey features the best articles on broad topics such as Travel to specific topics like Calligraphy – and everything in between. Every topic page is aesthetically rich, filled with thousands of posts from only the best bloggers. The company boasts their ‘discovery’ feature, with which you can find great blogs and articles no matter what your interests are.

3. AppEdu – SnapAsk

Snapask is a mobile app that allows students to post academic questions, connect to tutors instantly, and to engage in a 1-on-1 real-time class. Having recruited over 600 tutors from students at the top 3 universities in Hong Kong (HKU, CUHK, HKUST), questions are picked up by tutors incredibly quickly. Response time on average is 17 seconds during the daytime when tutors are more active.

4. is an online luxury fashion rental platform developed to help Asia’s fashionistas enjoy a wide range of high-end luxury fashion items, including many limited edition items directly sourced from Europe and the U.S. With, customers can rent all of these items for up to 90% off retail prices, with door-to-door delivery and return service conveniently provided via courier. They are currently expanding to mainland China and have opened a new office in Beijing.

5. Bravou – iBoss

iBoss is O2O Commerce Software designed with the concept of being simple, powerful and free to all Apple and Android devices. iBoss solves many tasks at the retail level, integrating POS, coupons, cards, maps, SNS, We-media and store management into one powerful program. All applications are design with a built-in profit model, with cooperation from major e-commerce platforms such as TMall, and

6. Openball

Openball is a free and easy to use administration platform to manage and organize recreational sports. They help any person or group organize sports games, no matter how big or small. It can be difficult and expensive for sports administrators to set up professional websites, but Openball lets everyone to do it easily. The company enables recreational sports organizations to use digital league management functionality and communicate with their members and other interested parties.

7. EnglishTV

There are 200 million English learning students in China and 1 million students go study abroad every two years. Founded by Mr. Sam Yau, EnglishTV is an educational entertainment video platform, English learning website and mobile application that makes English teaching and self-learning more effective and enjoyable. The company boasts content partnership with China Daily and its exclusive video content.  

8. Monexo

Monexo is an online marketplace for peer-to-peer lending, bringing lenders and borrowers together. It aides both by giving lenders higher returns and borrowers lower costs. Started by financial and technology professionals with decades of experience at leading global financial institutions and technology companies, Monexo is perfectly poised to impact peer-to-peer lending in Hong Kong with its focus on transparency, and the use of best-in-class technology to deliver efficient services.

9. LifeProject

Based in Hong Kong, Life Project Ltd is Hong Kong’s first family-focused e-commerce portal. Currently, PetProject.HK carries a full range of products, treats and toys, including a constantly expanding selection of natural and organic goods. It provides convenient home delivery to all areas in Hong Kong, including the new Territories and all outlying islands. Continuing their focus on families, Life Project Ltd is scheduled to launch Toddler.HK and LifeProject.HK in the near future.

10. FYLP (Find your language partner)

Finding the right language partner is a key ingredient to help you reach your goals in learning a new language. With FYLP, you can find, connect and message your ideal language partner all from your phone. This free-of-charge app can be found on iOS App Store to find people with complementary language skills and interests in your neighborhood. 

11. Sensbeat

Sensbeat is a mobile app startup founded by a team in the ‘post-90s’ generation and is based in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and is now incubating in Silicon Valley. It is a mobile social media company that provides users the best way to express their moments, with music. Sensbeat aims to create a new way of expression, by making sharing feelings incredibly easy through music.

12. HoluminoVR Pano

Virtual Reality re-emerged in the market with Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus. As you wear the headset made by Holumino and turn around, you are amazed by the 3D image they have taken. The user can experience a superb panorama of the scene and take spherical 3D photos of it. Through the VR Pano app, people can upload panorama pictures in the theme gallery, which also enables 360 sphere views and panorama views. You can download the app on GooglePlay, while the iOS app will be launched at a later stage.

Image Credit: Cyberport

Editing by Mike Cormack (@bucketoftongues)

Eva Yoo is Shanghai-based tech writer. Reach her at

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